Exam Questions Are Getting More Tricky And Difficult

Your exam markers instantly know if you are bluffing and rambling, and we will teach you how to stay focused when you write your answers.

Using the correct application skills – and not just giving simplistic “almost-enough answers” –  can determine if you will pass, fail or earn a distinction.

Answering each question definitely requires careful and spontaneous thought, planning, and organization.

You are required by the MOE to give a precise, relevant, and logical argument that the fussy exam marker will find acceptable. No matter how easy or difficult the exam question is.


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Your tuition teacher will teach you how to recall memorized information, organize knowledge, apply theory to routine as well as challenging questions, how to refine your analytical skills when evaluating what the exam question REALLY wants you to answer, and write on-point logical and integrated answers.

Evolve your higher-order thinking skills so that you are able to calmly answer questions that are more difficult than you are accustomed with.

Pace yourself when answering each of the exam questions so that you know which are the important words and content in your answers that will be quick and/or easy, and which parts will require more time and thought.

You will learn to recognize which types of questions will take longer than others, and which answers require you to check more carefully for careless mistakes.

Importantly, you will properly organize your thoughts before you begin to answer any questions.

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